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  Phone line hours: 

  Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

  Weekends: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

micro move

If you live in condo or bachelor apartment we are your perfect fit. Read More…


in-house moving

Get help to Move small loads in the same house or walking distance from your current place. Read More…


single item move

If you are relocating household items like specific furniture sets or heavy appliances. Read More…


exercise equipment

At Micro Moves TO. We have the experience and manpower to handle this service. Read More…

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Out of City Service

We serve most of Southern Ontario with highly competitive rates along with the manpower and fleet of vehicles to execute your relocation. Read More…

Store Pickup

If you bought a furniture online  and you need help to pick it up. Call us and we will make it easier for you. Read More…

in/out storage unit​​

We pickup items from your storage unit and bring them to your home or vice-versa. Read More…


Junk removal​

We pick up, transfer and discard of your unwanted or old furniture pieces, electronics and other household items safely and correctly. Read More…


same day sevice

If you need help for Today. We will be happy to assist you. Subject to availability. Read More…

“Absolutely terrific company. Micro Moves helped with a very tricky move and were timely and professional. They completed tasks ahead of schedule and were fair in their rates, not overcharging considering the task at hand. I highly recommend Micro Moves Toronto and will use their service again.”

Zoe R., december, 2020

“I contacted the Micro Moves team on a Sunday and they made themselves available for a Tuesday move. The booking process was easy, the team was on time and everything went smoother than I could have imagined! Can’t recommend highly enough. I will definitely be a repeat customer!”.

Trish Frantsi Bhupsingh., December, 2020

“Fast and efficient. Micro Moves team is very experienced with moving clearly shown by the ability to safely move everything in one hour for a 1 bedroom. All the furniture is in perfect condition. Did I mention these guys did it all in the rain. Truly MVPs of moving.”

Ashi Kabi., December, 2020
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